i want more! (immorerealler) wrote,
i want more!

i'm bringing my E game

i went to the pearl last night. bored as hell, but really wanting to dance my demons off. i had fun- it felt like the olden days when i would go to clubs and dance by myself. everyone there was 18 and i thought that was cute- especially when some of them felt the need to tell me when to dance and how to dance ("turn around and dance with us!!). there were a lot of flat asses there and one guy who was trying really hard to look like pharrell. i felt like a secret spy scoping out the changes. it confuses the crap out of people when you tell them you're not dancing because the song is bad and you try really hard not to dance to bad songs.

i got there before 12 and left at almost 3. i would look at my watch and think that i should be leaving because i had something to do, somewhere to go, or that someone was expecting me, the i would realize that it was just me.


what more can i say?

i had to wash my sheets because the cat peed on my bed and there were bugs. i don't know if the bugs are from the cat, or the bed or what, but that's all i needed to start the water works.

at 3 i'm supposed to go to this thing at church for single people aged 26-49. i'm convinced that it will be a bunch of old ladies winning about not being able to find a man and wanting children. when i was 18 i was supposed to join the singles group and back then it was 18-49. now theres a college group for 18-25, but i still don't see what i would have in common with a 40 year old- i guess i'll see. maybe its to prepare me for when i'm 49, unmarried with no kids.


one good thing about today is that BET is showing Beyonce's new video every hour. It's the little things that make me smile.
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