i want more! (immorerealler) wrote,
i want more!

i'm not dead yet...

i've been having fun hanging out with my peeps, going out at night, dancing and talking to people i used to just wave at in passing. roisin in the shit, patrick is the shit, alison is the shit and kristen is the shit. i thank my lucky stars that lines of communication and friendship are able to curve, twist and bend and that all of my friends (the new and the old) are wonderful, hilarious, drama-free people that i am more than happy to co-sign on a friendship with. we're all about the uptake, pats on the back, how was your day, and really meaning it. we're all about the future, knowing it could be worse and appreciating the best- cause it's all good you know.
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I was just thinking of delightful thoughts like these as well!!!!!

Hope you had a fun/productive/chill/whatever day!


these would be good lyrics to one of our songs.

maybe thats what we should do as a concept album - we could look on people's lj's - liek people we dont even know and use their lj posts as lyrics to our sonsg. we could get the really cry baby ones or pissed off ones....man, i think we are on to somethign!!!
you are the shit. man, i need to read lj more often.