i want more! (immorerealler) wrote,
i want more!

i could always, breathe back in...

bring em' back up to the guillotine.

when i'm super rich, i want walls and walls covered with Caravaggio paintings. i have always been in love with his work. Artemisia is pretty gangsta' too. i know that will probably never happen, but yeah, dreeeeeaaaammmmmsssss!!!

sitting at my parents house.
spoke to suereka earlier this week. i was looking online for her because she's trying to move back to atlanta as soon as possible.

i miss her.

she needs money to get a plane ticket or a bus ticket and i don't have a job. i wish i did so i could help her out. she was on her way to collect bottles and sell the little bit that she has so she could get money for a plane ticket or a bus ticket.

i hope she gets it because she sounded like she was either in trouble or about to get into some.

while i'm dealing with my issues, she over there dealing with hers.

life. is. hoard.

but what can you do besides work with it, change your brain and find the little things that help you keep on moving.

amen. amen.

i had an interview today. roisin helped me pick out my outfit, kristen tried to help me practice, and alison and patrick told me it was going to work out (and i belive it and receive it). i was nervous about what to say if they asked me why i got fired from convergys. i had to take a bunch of tests, and scored super high (cause that's what i do) and they asked me to stay back and talk to someone else, but the lady was missing so they said they would give me a call. i felt like such a business lady in my sensible pumps surrounded by other ladies in their sensible pumps. i probably should have tried to get a real office job a long time ago cause lawd knows that i have a high tolerance for shittay situations(uhhh huhhh!), and i'm great at waiting around.

been writing gross songs with roisin and mapping out our plans for life and whatnot. we're ladies who lunch, super classy ya' herd?!?
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i hope you got the job.
yeah me too, i'm almost sure that i did. the thing is that i don't know when it starts, but i'm guessing that they'll let me know.
what is the job?
Cheyla you should be a writer.
good luck on the job, i hope you get it!

i'm gonna call you tonight. wanna hang out? of course you do.
I told the dude you were 'good people'. I'm more than certain you're in, I mean alot of the people that go through those types of places are old, lame, and boring- zero personality. And the dude on the phone acted as though he wanted someone with SUBSTANCE!