i want more! (immorerealler) wrote,
i want more!

i have interviews today and tomorrow. i'm trying to work it out so i atleast have one 40 hour a week job and two 20 or less hours a week job alteast until winter semester rolls around. i have this odd feeling that once i accept the job i'm interviewing for today the president of the united states will call me and offer me a position in his cabinet- that's how it always works right? you don't hear from anyone then all of a sudden everyone has something for you.

i've been having fun in the meantime, meeting new people- couch cudlin' with alison and watching good times. that show is the best and the worse all rolled up into one, its basically a whole family with 0 faith and optimism. the last episode i watched was about florida getting nervous because she had to take a physical and she didn't want to loose her job. no one told her she would get fired if she failed, she just assumed and got really upset. i have worry potential, but watching that show makes me realize how silly and tiring it all is. i want to tell them that their attitude alone is what keeps them in the ghetto and they talk themselves out of success before they even get a chance, but its just a show and it makes me laugh so whatever.

off to the races.
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