i want more! (immorerealler) wrote,
i want more!

this year

thing are working out and looking up. when i go through my phases, i just laugh because whoever says things don't always work out hasn't lived long enough. i started my new job today and i get to wear scrubs so i feel like i'm always walking around in my pjs.

heavy flow is on the come up and that makes me smile a lot. our first show is this friday and we've been working really hard and practicing. we've also been making connections (what a funny thing to say) with people in seattle and elsewheres who we don't know, but are waiting to hear something...i guess. things are getting so exciting that roisin went for a crazy run through the house.

patrick puts the MAN in MANager
and alison is our PR person

we got people.


dream on dreamer, dream on.
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