i want more! (immorerealler) wrote,
i want more!

i'm counting the days until sharon is coming to town...and alissa. i think alissa is already here though. we need a sit around and a sing-a-long.

where have all the cowboys gone?
god bless the child whos got his own.
may all your days be circus days.

i've been trying to catch up on my sleep all week. i finally found the combination to that safe...just go to bed- who knew?

we have a show on the 6th (and three after), and 1 song with no beat and two barely written with no beats. making beats is fun, but there are so many things that side track me- like myspace, cleaning my room, taking showers and eating cheese sticks (god i love cheese sticks). plus, there are so many boys i want to marry...SIKE! well, maybe not sike.

i've been eating what basically boils down to bowling alley food for the past week, and i'm still loosing weight. how do all those fatties at the lanes pull it off? maybe i need more beer, fast food, and hard livin'

actually, i think a lot of it has to do with not eating fast food anymore. it just came to me one day that i'm not really that much in a hury to eat what boils down to a cows anus in the shape of a square. i can wait til i get home and...well, eat what boils down to a chicken anus in the form of a hot dog.

oh god, don't mind me!!!

chris and amy
i'm trying to put together a atlanta trip to come and see you guys. i don't know the date, but just thought i should let you know.
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