i want more! (immorerealler) wrote,
i want more!

oh, poo!!!

hmmmm, so what would make the month better?

maybe if i found out i was pregnant, had aids and ebola?

yeah, that would be the cherry on my shitty month sundae.

things that are great:
-i'm not dead (yet)
-i have a car
-i'm not retarded (entirely)
-i live with nice people
-my grandma is out of the hospital
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- you are a good person
- you have your health
- you can walk wherever you want to walk
- you can drive to wherever you want to drive
- you live on your own
- independent women throw your hands up at me
- you are creative
- you gots ideas MAN
- you can play drums, bass, and the keyboards
- we have ac in our house (thats a plus)
- you are a beautisness example of femininity
- you have a good family
- your smart
- you got mad skills
- we all love you very much
- your gonarrhea has finally cleared up

okay , tht last one is a lie - its not cleared up - but everything else is the trufffffffffff!!!

everting be ire - everyting be ire - lawd have mercy
people try to tell me i'm positive, but you're the most positive person that I know- give me some of that.
i'm sending it your way as i type ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

its coming at ya! but you shold know that with the positivity vibe i might also be sending the bleed vibe - cause i think we are about to all three go down that road pretty soon (you me and al, not patrick)
you are one positive melonfarmer. why you always gotta be so happy?
i'm sorry things are crummy. i think any & chris would like to hang out with again before they leave (a week from today).

let me know if there is anything i can do to help.
yeah, i'll probably be giving you a call again. i don't know if i need any help with anything, but i do need someone to talk to.

is there a hang out planned before they leave? if there isn't, there should be.
if there isn't, i'll organize something.
i haven't seen any of your long posts- you're still writing your life story right?
little by little. i doubt i'll be posting them though.
Oh boo hiss!
Don't be down in the dumps, me quitting/leaving/being terminated from any of my past jobs was the greatest thing that ever happened to me. It forces you to leave a job you hate more than anything, and you
are able to do other things. Consider this weekend a holiday weekend!

I know the money aspect of it is kind of scarey, but you're right, you're alive in good health and have amazing people (myself included) to keep you company all the time.

Seriously, if your time there does end, consider it a blessing!!!!