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i want more!

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i just read the move spoiler to "the lady in the water." although i loooove getting endings before i see things, i recognize that everyone else does not so i wont say what's going to happen.

but seriously, save yr monies.

i've been spending my morning taking off finger nail polish and eating beef jerky- which by the feeling in my stomach right now, was a bad way to start the day.

i want to go on a date with somebody!!!!!
i want to be romanced.

i need some excitement. everything is a little boring.

i want a reason to take a shower!!
(other than health and cleanliness reasons)

i'm waiting for a phone call about a library card that i can use.
after looking over the resume that i typed up, it needs some additional work. Ms. Hattie is supposed to call me about some other job opprotunities and a job fair she wants me to go to.

i've never been to a job fair, but it sounds scary and completely against the shyest parts of my personality, but whatever.

you gotta whore yourself out there if you want to live like a slut.
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