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<~~aLL aBOUT mE sURVEY~~~>
aLL aBOUT yOU...
Full name:Cheyla S.
Place of Birth:the dirty du
Birthday:July 14th and December 26th....wha!?!?
Hair Color:dark brown
Eye Color:dark brown
Screen Name:immorerealler...cause i am
If you could change your name what would it be:its fine how it is
Color:today it is yellow
Movie:the wizard of oz
Song:this week it is Jason Mraz - Plane
Band:Team Dresch
Day of the year:first day of summer
Food:squash and onions
Feature on yourself:smile
Least favorite feature on yourself:dark eye circles - its so bad, but whatever its hereditary...right?
Vacation spot:England and Germany
Restaurant:i haven't been to a great resturaunt in years - i guess sushi cafe or india's
dO yOU pREFER...
coke/pepsi:grape drink
dog/cat:hamsters and orangutans
skim/whole/1 percent/2 percent milk:soy
sing/dance:dance til i pass out
rock/rap:the wreck center
tv/radio:i pod
deaf/blind:deaf- i prefer subtitles anyway
Are you single:yes indeed
If so, do you have somone in mind:kinda, sorta, not really
What personality traits do you look for in a guy/girl:i've been reading the art of war and the prince since middle school. i have visions of linking up with someone awesome and taking over the world- an eye for world domination.
Whats the first thing(physical) you notice about a guy/girl:smile and eyes
Do you prefer the good or bad guy/girl:everyone has their good and bad it depends on how they work it and if they recognize it and want to change it or wallow in it.
Have you ever kissed someone:yeah, once or twice
Have you ever been in love:when i was 19, but the older i get i realize that i was ONLY 19 and that's just dumb
Have you ever had a broken heart:no, because you gotta let someone in there first.
Do you believe in love at first sight:"When I fall in love, I take my time, There's no need to hurry when i'm making up my mind." - jason mraz
Is love important:i believe in the difference between being in love and having love. the love i have for my friends (and boyfriends) is a desire for them to be happy, and recognize their power.
Are love and sex connected:not always.
Has anyone ever loved you:i'm sure.
Does someone love you right now:my family and friends
Who was the last person you said i love you to:my mom.
Last date you had good/bad:never been on one.
Did you hook up on it?:see above.
Would you hook up on a first date:apparently so. my last one night stand lasted almost 2 years tho.
Who was your first kiss:danny in kindergarten
Are you gay/straight/bi:skrait
Your ideal date is(what would you do):i just want a reason to wear a dress and laugh a lot- NO PRESSURE!!
Your ideal male/female is(what do you look for):makes me feel safe, doesn't try to hard, but knows how to treat a girl, loves his mom and his friends, wants to be awesome and wants me to be awesome too.
Should a girl ask out a guy:i guess, but i never have
Which flowers should you give/recieve..what type would you like to give/get:i don't like flowers.
What should a person NEVER EVER EVER do on a first date:shit on your lap
Have you gone skinny dipping:no
Have you ever been out of the country:yes
Do you believe in god:yes
Do you want to get married:one day
Do you play any sports:tonsil hockey
What was the last phone number you dialed:mom
Have you gone swimming in an ocean:yeah
Have you cried in public:in my car
Worst fear:dying alone, going to jail
How long does it take you to get ready/take a shower:20 minutes? i dunno.
Last movie you saw in the theater:dave chappelle block party
Last movie rented:sidney potier movies from the library
Personal Quote:"do you know how great you are? if you don't i'll tell you."
Any regrets:yeah, but you gotta get over it
Whats your career of choice(dream job):write screenplays, children books, motivational speaker
Do you know how to play any instruments:kinda bass
Do you like to be naked:sometimes, but clothes are fun too
Do you drink:yeah
If so whats your favorite drink:screwdrivers, rum and cokes
Do you smoke:no
If so what:
Do you do drugs:naw
If so what:
Is crack really wack:oh hells yeah
If you could change your hair color would you:i already did.
What color:dark brown and some blondish color
If you could change your eye color would you:no
What color:
What are you wearing right now:doctors scrubs...cause i'm a doctor
Does anyone tell you that you look like someone:yeah
If so who:my mom. but she was much prettier when she was my age
Do you think you look like them:yeah
The friend you know will be passed out in a gutter in a week:that's gross, i don't think anyone will
The most confused friend:me
Prettiest friend(female):all of my friends are pretty, even patrick
Hottest friend(male):i don't really have any guy friends
Last friend you talked to:roisin
Last "friend" you wish you hadn't talked to:wow, these are some two-faced friend questions
The "friend" you wish would fall off a cliff:i actually like all of my friends
The "friend" you could imagine becoming more than a "friend":i'm friends with a bunch of girls...and patrick for gods sakes
Friend you miss the most when they're gone:sharon and alissa
Last time you kissed a friend:last night
How many friends roughly do you think you have:10
How many "enemies" do you have:0- if i have an enemy, i don't know about it and they're waisting their energy hating on me because i don't know or care about it.
Which one of your friends pisses you off the most:ian, but its cool and really not that serious
Who are your best friends:sharon and alissa
Greatest song you've ever heard:marvin gaye's whats going on album which is essentially one long song
Last song you listened to:jason mraz - the remedy
Greatest band ever:Team Dresch
Worst song/band ever:the pink spiders
Song that makes you dance no matter what:liza minelli - cabaret
Song you hope no one finds out you like:i don't care- that rhianna song about her being a murder
Song that brings bad memories:lily allen - little things
Sond that brings good memories:sleater-kinney - get up
Are you a virgin:no
How do you define virgin:you've never stuck your penis in or had a penis in you
Last person you thought about having sex with:i'm not sayin!!
Person you will NEVER EVER EVER have sex with:any of my friends
What will you never do in bed:eat shit and drink pee
Which erm do you prefer love making, poking, fucking, boning, sex, doing it:why talk about it, just do it
Who's the last person you slept with but didnt have sex with:i haven't slep with anyone
How Far have you gone:all the way to the moon alice!
When was the last time you have sex(even if it was with yourself):can't remember...seriously.
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