i want more! (immorerealler) wrote,
i want more!

like, woah

i've been feeling really manic lately. like a starving fat kid at a buffet table. alcohol as a social lubricant..uhhh, duuuuh. too much dude. apparently i'm bad at conversation, or i just don't have any. k.i.s.s. let's talk about music? uhhhh, haven't done that in awhile. let's trade stories of our homemade conspiracies. oh baby, you bring out the paranoia in me. "that's not a story, that's just a news flash." its getting cold outside. fair weather/fareweather. i want to go so badly. my aunt gave me a ticket with specific instructions to "look 17" so i can get in free. sneaky. last show tomorrow @ hip hop hell then retirement. heads will nod or go nooooo. i miss sharon and alissa a lot. coolest girls in the world society, belonging to two gangs. gangs of power. i should call nicole or lauren- its like living in the same town as your family and never seeing them...oh, wait. saturday was insane, but i still don't have who what i want.

i'm sitting on the phone listening to my dad talk about jessica simpson's breasts. "you should see them, her bresteses are just sitting there."
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